Damage upon Delivery – Intact Packaging

Did you open the package and find that the goods were damaged, although the packaging was intact? Please inform our company as soon as possible by e-mail. Ideally within 48 hours, so that we can help you as soon as possible.

Damage upon Delivery – Visibly Damaged Packaging

If a package is visibly damaged, this does not mean that the goods inside are also damaged. You can accept the package from the carrier, but draft a record of damage for the transport protocol with the driver.

In the event you have doubts whether the goods inside a package are OK, do not accept the goods from the carrier and contact us by e-mail. We will arrange the sending of new goods for you.

Incomplete Consignment

We are very sorry that your consignment arrived incomplete. Please inform us as soon as possible of the goods that were not delivered to you. We will investigate the whole situation and propose a solution to you.

Different Goods

Did you get different goods to those you ordered? We are very sorry for this unpleasantness. You can return the incorrect product and we will send you the goods you ordered.

How to Proceed when Returning

You can return goods as follows:

Returning by Post

Complete and send by e-mail “Withdrawal from Purchase Contract”. You can find the information needed to complete it on the invoice.

Carefully package the goods, to prevent them from being damaged during transport. Ideally, package them in their original packaging.

Send the goods to the address:

Katerina Novakova

Pribramska 516

263 01 Dobris

Czech Republic