How To Make A Purchase

We have tips for you about how to easily go through the process from the selection of goods to their ordering.


Searching for Goods

o       If you know exactly what you want to buy, choose the relevant category of goods in the menu and make your selection there.

o       If you know what you want, use the search function. In the upper part of the page you can find the search bar, which, in cooperation with the autocomplete function, will lead you to the desired goods.



o       You place goods in your basket using the “Place in basket” button.

o       What you have selected is displayed in the basket – the precise name of the goods, the number of items (you can change them any way you like) and the price.

o       You can display the complete contents of your basket at any time.


User Account

o       In the top right corner click on the “Log in” button.

o       In the event that you still don’t have an account, create one this way: input your e-mail address and click on the “create account” button.

o       Complete your data and click on “register”.

o       After registering, in your user account you can administer your personal data, addresses and order history.


Transport and Payment

o       Depending on the size and weight of goods, the most suitable transport options will be offered to you.

o       In the next step you select the method of payment.