Dr. Nice CBD Refill Set - Green

This Dr. Nice CBD Refill Kit Plus contains one 1,0 ml vial of CBD liquid used to refill the glass cartridge. An additional 0,5 ml cartridge is also included in this kit. 

Ingredients: CBD 410 mg/g, Terpenes 22,67 mg/g

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Storing the CBD liquid in the syringe and nozzle avoids messy handling and keeps the oil sterile and clean. The organic liquid has been uniquely developed without using glycerine, PG or solvents, so you are only inhaling 100% organic plant extraction made from Mr. Nice Seed Bank CBD strains. Remember not to over tighten the ceramic mouthpiece on the cartridge once you refill it. Suitable for vegans.

GMP Certification is available on request.

This product is officially notified in the European EU-CEG registry and it’s listed in the official database of the Czech Ministry of Health.


1) Remove the rubber cap from the metal part of the atomiser

2) Screw the atomiser to the battery

3) Remove the rubber cap from the ceramic part of the   atomiser

4) Now the device is ready to use

To refill the cartridge, you need to hold tight the glass part of the cartridge and twist the ceramic mouthpiece until it unscrews and comes off. Then place the nozzle from the syringe between the glass and centre metal element and fill to just under the top of the glass stop. Replace the ceramic mouthpiece and tighten it once again. The cartridge is now refilled. Remember not to over tighten the ceramic mouthpiece on the cartridge.



Keep these ingredients out of the reach of children and pets.

Not suitable for people under 18 years, and/or who are pregnant and/or breastfeeding.

Store in a dark, cool place


WARNING: Danger of inhalation and ingestion!

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